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The PerDev Approach

Understanding Learning Differences

Teacher and Student

The ability to learn is an essential part of life. Each of us absorbs, processes and uses information to survive. But we don’t all learn in the same way, and we don’t all learn as well. Hidden difficulties in processing and using information gathered by the senses can interfere with comprehension, analysis, communication, safe driving, priority making, decision-making and many other critical aspects of life. Some with these problems are actually diagnosed with learning disabilities. Many others are simply labeled as poor performers.

Visual perception, visual memory, auditory memory, gross motor skill and balance, fine motor skill, analysis and synthesis and their integration - all are fundamental perceptual tools we acquire in early stages of our lives. Difficulty in the development and use of any of these tools can cause a chain reaction of educational and emotional difficulties that affects nearly everything we do.

At PerDev, we believe many learning differences are the result of bumps in the road of early perceptual development. Addressing perceptual difficulties can significantly reduce barriers to performance by allowing each individual to develop personal tools and strategies, empowering them to achieve goals, reduce stress, and feel more confident in many aspects of their life.

Closing Perceptual Gaps


PerDev uses an integrated, hands-on therapeutic approach grounded in accepted developmental theory. We focus on the development of basic perceptual tools, recreating the natural developmental sequence and helping the individual close perceptual gaps to improve performance. The process begins with an individualized evaluation to identify specific problem areas and how they relate to early perceptual development. Using this information, PerDev develops an individual program of activities and exercises constructed around identified perceptual strengths and perceptual needs.

  • Body Image and Body Balance
  • Gross and Fine Motor Control
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Auditory/Visual Memory and Processing
  • Visual Analysis and Synthesis
  • Cognitive and Metacognitive Strategies
  • Integration of all developmental functions.

Our Work is Play

At PerDev, work is play.. play that provides practice in problem solving, concentration and communication. Each individual follows their own program of specially sequenced games, puzzles, and activities designed to increase awareness and foster personal growth. This guided practice gives repeated mediated experience with the essential connection of mind and body, and of thought and action. Doing so allows the individual to better understand sensory input on both a conscious and subconscious level, improving his or her sense of control over learning processes and performance. The result? PerDev doesn’t teach “tricks” - it improves the individual’s ability to learn.

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