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PerDev for Educators

A New Approach to Learning Differences


PerDev works closely with many schools, with students and teachers, and with groups of mental health professionals and learning specialists. PerDev offers them new ways of approaching their work with students, particularly those with unmet learning needs.

Consultations are available for schools seeking to meet the needs of diverse learners using a holistic, non-remedial model. School consultations include:

  • Training Workshops
  • Student and Teacher Assessment and Consultation
  • Complete Program Implementation for Schools Utilizing the PerDev Approach

An Integrated Process

PerDev uses a hands-on, integrated therapeutic approach grounded in accepted developmental theory. Our goal is to identify perceptual gaps and to create new opportunities for the child to internalize essential perceptual experiences missed in early childhood. Our work is play. It is play that provides practice in problem solving, concentration and communication. An individualized program of specially sequenced games, puzzles and activities increases awareness and fosters growth. This guided practice gives repeated mediated experience with the essential connection of mind and body, thought and action.

A Collaborative Process

Teachers and others in schools can greatly benefit from increased understanding of how perceptual development and learning are connected and how problems in perceptual development affect learning and personal adjustment in the classroom. Test scores only give an indication of a childís current performance level; they do not give an informed picture of the childís individual learning process.

The PerDev approach to exploring the learning process relies on the relationship of ongoing observation, assessment, and practice. Observation of the student in various activities focuses on components of perceptual development essential for learning and leads to assessment of specific learning strengths and vulnerabilities. This leads to a personalized program of practice that provides additional opportunities to observe and assess the studentís progress.

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